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El mito de la Facultad de Ingeniería de Buenos Aires(Buenos Aires)

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In 1909, the engineer and architect Arturo Prins won a competition to build the then Law Faculty of the University of Buenos Aires. The construction of this faculty, today the Faculty of Engineering, was not without problems and delays due to lack of financial resources.
So the years went by, with interruptions and new start-ups, until 1938, when the aspiration to complete Prins' project was completely abandoned. A year later, devastated by the news, legend has it that he fell into a severe depression and decided to commit suicide by throwing himself from one of the towers of his unfinished project.

Today, the rumour of that unfortunate architect is still heard in the corridors of the faculty, and on rainy days it generates in the students the fear of finding his ghost at the top of the tower.

Although the legend of the suicide is not true, the emotional trauma suffered by the architect when he found out that the building would never be finished, after fighting and litigating against so much impediment and injustice, could well have been a cause of death for him, which as we know, was in a room in the Podestá Sanatorium, surrounded by his loved ones, and not by shooting himself or throwing himself off one of the towers (never built).

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