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Chimenea de la Fábrica de Jesús Bueno(Alborache)

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The only vestige that remains of the previous factory building to the current Jesús Bueno factory. It is a chimney with an octagonal shaft and square base, made of brick in sections of 5 to 6 m of constant section, decreasing in thickness by half a brick from one section to another.

This makes the shaft decrease in height, which is necessary since the function of the chimney is to cause a depression or draft to evacuate the smoke from the steam engine. The shaft also inclines slightly as it increases in height. This circumstance is typical of this type of chimney and is done in order to have a greater resistance to the wind, which was not the case with pyramidal and cylindrical chimneys. As usual, the shaft is crowned by a ring that, unlike what is usual in this type of chimneys, has no decorative pretension.

Image of Chimenea de la Fábrica de Jesús Bueno