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La Casa de la Cultura(Cuart de les Valls)

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On the Gospel side, the side chapels are larger and are covered with half-orange domes on pendentives. On the same side, next to the presbytery is the sacristy. The chapels on the epistle side are shallow. The roof has a barrel vault with lunettes in which windows open.

The bell tower is located at the foot of the church, with its base forming part of the façade, protruding in height. It is made up of three sections, the lower one houses the staircase that leads to the choir loft at the foot of the church, and is made of masonry with ashlars at the corners. The bell tower and the top are made of brick.

The 18th century intervention is dated 1756, according to the inscription above the lintel door.

A building of historic-cultural interest, it is classified as a National Historic-Artistic Monument. It uses the structure of the old church of San Miguel, built in the 17th century and renovated in 1982. Located in the Plaza San Miguel, it is a 283 m² building that conserves the original floor plan of a central nave with a half-barrel vault and 5 side chapels. The former high altar is now a scenic space. And the sacristy can be used as a dressing room, equipped with toilets. The old choir is still preserved, located at the top of the entrance, at half height.

From the year 1679, we find the first information about the beginning of the works in the church. In 1842, worship was transferred to the Church of the Servite Convent. And with the confiscation of Mendizábal, in 1837 the old and modest church of San Miguel became the property of the Municipality, which acquired it for 400 pesetas.

From then on, the old church of San Miguel was used for various purposes, such as a municipal warehouse, local amateur theatre, etc. It was even rented to the Compañía de San Miguel, a local theatre company. It was even rented to the Los Valles-Valencia Bus Company, who had their garage and workshop there until 1966 when the lease was terminated.

At the beginning of the 1980s, the old building was consolidated and restored both inside and out, and was given the function of "Casa de Cultura", which is still in use today.

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