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Antiguo Convento de Sant Roc(Gandia)

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Women´s convents were usually linked to another male convent of the order in the same city and, in this case, the one corresponding to Santa Clara would be that of San Roque, founded by the pious Don Carlos de Borja y de Meneses, 5th Duke of Gandía and eldest son of San Francisco, in the year 1588.

In 1591, the Alcantarine friars took possession of the building. Part of the old wall was used to found one of the wings of the cloister and, shortly afterwards, the entrance to the convent was crowned with the Borja-Centelles coat of arms of the 5th Duke and his wife Magdalena Centelles, promoters of the work. In the mid-19th century, with the disentailment, the convent became property of the City Hall. It housed the courts, with its corresponding prison, and an annexed charity house, while on its eastern flank a square was created to connect it to the rest of the city. Today it is the headquarters of the Institut Municipal d´Arxius i Biblioteques.

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