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Ermita San Sebastián(La Yesa)

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The chapel of San Sebastian is a small temple located in the municipality of La Yesa, one kilometer from the town, on the road to Alpuente. It is an Asset of Local Relevance with identifier number 46.10.262-002.

Its origin dates back to the 13th century. At the beginning of the 21st century it has no religious use, although it is possible that it is used for agricultural or livestock tasks.

The building corresponds to the Gothic-Mudejar style. It is a long masonry nave reinforced with ashlars at the corners and with two buttresses on each side. Between the two on the right was the original entrance door -similar to that of the neighboring chapel of San Juan Bautista- under a semicircular arch with voussoirs. This access was blocked with masonry and a new linteled door was built on the façade. The roof is gabled and was partially sunken in its back half until it was repaired with new tiles. In the vertex of the gable there was a belfry, now demolished, and under it there was a rectangular window that was blinded.

Image of Ermita San Sebastián