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Pozo de Yátova(Yátova)

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Refrigerator of circular plant of 6 m of external diameter. The free part of the construction corresponds, approximately, to the upper third (access door and dome) of a height of between 5 and 6 m. The NE and S sectors are located in two courtyards, whose enclosing walls are supported by the Nevera. The N and NW sectors fall on an orchard area. Built with rough faced masonry of limestone rock bound with mortar; there is also some solid brick and tuff blocks. The interior of the well was plastered.

The interior diameter, at the lower level of the access door, is 5.30 m. The shaft was backfilled in the 1940s. Its depth, from the present level, can be estimated to be between 5 and 8 m. The current height to the center of the dome is 4.85 m. The roof is of false vault. In 1989 an intervention was carried out on the exterior to eliminate filtrations. A reinforced concrete "testero" and drains were built.

The tank has three openings. An access door, facing SSW, 1.90 m high and 1.60 m wide, covered with a semicircular arch. It is the current interior access. Above the door there is a small window of 0.60 x 0.40 m, with a large flat lintel slab. Finally, there is an access oriented to the NNW, currently walled with brick. It is covered by a semicircular arch and a rock lintel that supports a metal piece where the pulley was hung to facilitate the extraction of snow.

In the exterior part of the deposit, above the opening oriented to the NNW there is in the wall a block carved in the shape of shield with a figure of bird with open wings. The date of construction is unknown. Due to its size and location it is possible to think that it supplied the population of Yátova or other localities of the region.

Image of Pozo de Yátova